Rent aggrement and business investement

A and B are friends
plans to buy a waste property and decides to remodel it and to start a business in it A role is to remodel it with his money
B role is to buy the property 
both trasactions made B bought property and A remodels the building and started a business with a rent aggrement from B A invested his money and B repay some amount of money to A and made rent aggrement like 1. not to give sub lease any one 2. if rent pay stands for 3 months with out notice vacant the property
 Due to covid 19 lockdown A didnt pay rent for B from march to october Note:- A dont have any evidence that he invested in B property (no promisory note) but a whatsapp group is created and made payments under B supervision and A has bank statement evidence which he made payments from his account The Query is 1. if B approches the court to leave our premisses due to incompleted rent pay from march to october what court decides? 2. what about remaining amount of A which is invested in business how to take refund from B??