Lekhpal refused to nominate my name after father's death

I am the only son of my father. My father died on 2-11-2014. My mother also expired in 2001. I have no brother and sister. We have ancestral property of 12 bigha agricultural land in Agra. My father was having three brothers. Two of my uncle along with my father already died. One uncle is still alive. After my uncle's death, agricultural land transferred easily to my brother's name in the documents. One of my uncle's son also died and agricultural property transferred to his son's name easily. After the death of my father, I checked the khatoni(documents),I found that my name was not there in the document. So I logged an application on tehsil diwas to nominate my name in place of my fathers name. Lekhpal and kanoongo angry on me for filing application on tehsil diwas in front of senior officers. Now lekhpal refuses to nominate my name in place of fathers name on behalf of grazing land. My father was having three allotments numbers of the same agricultural land. Now lekhpal nominated my name in two allotment numbers but refuses to nominate my name on the third one on the behalf of grazing land but the total land area is not reduced in the 12 bigha Khatoni of ancestral property. I just want to know that how such land was transferred to others and in my case it creates a problem. I think that lekhpal and kanoongo want some bribe from me and I am totally against of that. Please guide me on this matter what should I do now?