RCR and Interime Maintenance

hello sirs.. coul you please guide me through ... can husband defend himself in RCR cases in family court..... I have filed for Divorce in Mumbai 6 months back since my wife deserted me 1 year back saying she wants to leave separately. I am the alone son of my parents and both are diabetic patients. my wife is from a well to do family . wife is a MCom with MBA but not working. she has file a RCR in PUNE family court asking 40000 as interim alimony. I have already hired a lawyer in mumbai but since two hearing she has not appeared in court. my wife family had cheated me ... she is 3 years elder to me which i came to know when i saw her documents after marriage.. i have a copy of her Driver licence, college leaving cert and aadhar card . also she was undergoing treatments for her injured back before marriage ( she slipped in bathroom ) which her family hide from us . i have proof that her treatment was ongoing before marriage . please guide me how can i defend myself in the RCR and interim maintenance case . thanks in advance ... santosh