Tenant parking issue

Respected- I m staying in a society in lokhandwala andheri west since feb 2019, the day i moved inn till this date i park my bike in society premises, at the time When I rented this flat neither the society not the landlord informed anything about the bike parking charges nor it was mentioned in agreement. So by default I had no idea whether there is any such thing like bike parking charges in my society. Now after 17 months (july 2020) during lock down I got a call from the society demanding bike parking charges as Rs.500 per month, which was I never aware of! After a bit research I get to know that fellow society people received parking bills every month at their home and I didn’t received a single one. so how would they expect me to know about such rules and regulation. Also they deducted the due amount 8,200₹(according to the society) of 17 months from my landlord’s maintenance credit. Now my landlord is indirectly or softly threatening to deduct that amount from my deposit. So my issue is that, if I would have known about anything about parking charges from the day I moved inn, I would have gave it a thought whether to pay the charges and keep my bike parked in the society or else park somewhere else. I am in no guilt to pay such charges of long 17 months. I agree to pay the charges once I got informed (july 2020) But now society is forcefully making me pay the charges excusing to me that I should have contacted them to inquire about the parking charges if they forgot to tell me about it. please suggest me how to tackle this issue.