Path way

Sir, my vendor has a property of 13 cents through family patta. On 1983 he sold one part of land to A and leaved 3 feet to pathway and on condition that purchaser should leave 3 feet to pathway to reached the main access total 6 feet granted for pathway. On 1992 he sold another part to B on the same pathway relief. The said B sold the property to 4 individuals. Finally on 2018 remaining ( last) full portion sold to me. He didn't allot me as such pathway because the portion was connected with another pathway. The purchaser of B were using my portion as nearest way to reach the another pathway which the original vendor has not assigned. So A has put the gate and Closed the pathway which was alloted by vendor. When we verify the land register out of 100 Square feet of land in my portion has mentioned as corporation road. My vendor's statement is they never gifted or sold to corporation. The purchaser of B filed injunction suit against us. In the suit corporation statement was the said 100 square feet was belongs to corporation. Can I get remedy. If any precedent judgement in favour of me please provide.