Best way forward against a Fraud recruitment consultancy

Sir, I dont know which law this comes under, but please bear with me and read this completely. i am victim of a fraud by an Online recruitment agency "" from New Delhi who had taken Rs 33571 from me telling me i will get a good job. i was reluctant to pay at first but later paid looking for a better job. Even after 20 days of payment i had received no services from them but their website shows i can cancel my services if i dont get their services within 7 days of order placement. I then kept a mail asking for refund. They didnt reply or call. Fortunately i had mobile number of one of their members and kept on calling them. Now they are saying i can get my refund in 15 days if i pay Rs [deleted] in total or else it will take around 3 months for refund. I told them i wont pay damn rupee more but told them to give a mail saying the same so that i can reply. They just say they will give and disconnect the line. It got repeated 4-5 times. Now from 8-Jul-15 they have also taken their website down, but that mobile number still works. I sent them many mails saying if i dont get a reply i will go to police. But i am not getting any reply. Can you suggest me a best option where i can get my refund? and i also cannot spare my time for roaming around courts and stuff. Please help me regarding this.