in laws threathned us

I was married in 2004 .my inlaws touchered me for money icalled my parents at udaipur to take me at home when my family reach there they beat me badly in front of them they took me at their home after 5 month they send notice snd ur daughter alone we didnt have time to cum at our home otherwise we file the case & u have to bear the lawer charges & other expenses then we file the case my mother in law find accused in case & judgment came for six year punishnent from high court they came for settlelment I again came to udaipur with them after 20 days they do same things my husband took me on rented house . He leave house in morning7:00 & came house at late night I became pregnent he never come home early if I have an appointment for doctor he says my father doesnt allow me to leave shop. One day we have a fight I say u r not bearing any hospital &household expenses then also u r doing work at their shop I need ur time &regular visit to a doctor this time he put kerosene oil on me I shouted my neighbour came & solve all the days in afternoon my husband came to home with labour & truck for takng household things & told me we r going to indore .we stay there alone I agree & we move there he runs there a transport where his father snd truck from udaipur he looks after his business he bound To come at home early in indore also .all earing were going to my inlaws no time no money I pass 3 yrs whenever my mom talk to my hus. For this he say Im bound where I go if I didnt obey my father u do something so I stand on my legs my mom tranfer the property in my name then also same problem she made office for him also after 10 yrs my husband move business in that office my inlaws beat him very badly &told him all property is on ur wife name they r making u fool transfer the property in ur name I agree my mom says u have to pay for registry I have sortage due to my 2nd daughter marriage my husband say I also have no money one of my family relative was there they say dont argue bring jewllery from ur mom sale it & transfer the property .he ask his mom she refused & told hid she had filed the case in whoch we had given the bribe I sale them my husband came in favour as he knew she told lie they had lots of money no need to sale them. After this continuesly they beat him at office on raod in any relative function making drama with me passing abusing word by my devar na nads inlaws. we r two they r 6 . Two sisters of him r um married 45 yrs ,32yrs , another one is ghar jamai what to do two time we go in police station they didnt file case say u write rajinama ho gaya we r saying they didnt do again hum likwa lege aap se dur rahe but they didnt give copy . His father & brothe sits at home dosent do any work as my husband on regularly o tours they attacks on me several times in their absense mahila thana says u stay alone dont come here what to do pls suggest they want income frm my hus & he allow my dever to sit on in mumas given office suggest me