My grandfather has 6 daughter and 1 son, all married and my uncle was chasing a girl of his dream and left the family in the year 1986, All my auntiy were married excep 1 yhe youngest daughter . They were allblessed with their grand son and daughter. Unfortunately my brother me and my mom has to go back to my grandparents as their were growing old and my Aunty living with them was dying during that time and pass away befire my grandma and pa, my mom was a government employee. During this time my grand father call all his children as he has an announcement to make regarding his land and the building in which they had all live. All were present that night and it was my mom whom my grandfather had appoint to inherit all the land. Everyone agree and even his only son said, "i had left this house longtime ago and my sister is the only person who had been supporting you till this time, and have no objection to your decisions", all agreed to this. A year later my old man pass away and it was just a week passes by, my uncle claim that he was his only son and claim he must be the right person to inherit the all the land. He took the Land Settlemnt Certificate from my mom and even ask for the will record that my mother had keep for documentation. Luckily this was not hand over to him. We went to the court several time but the judge couldnt settle our problems.Thete are days when uncle didnt turn up, and even when he turn up he ask to extend which was granted again and again. May be due to all this thing my mom become very sick and later follow my grandfather. Now i am so helpless, I am now financially broke and heart borken and dont have much syrenght to stand against my family as they all are with me but all want equal share. I am not an educated person but do suggest me which chapter i need to go through in the IPC book.