Dowry and caste discrimination

I'm keerthi, mine is love com arranged marriage ,right from the day of marriage I was able to sense caste discrimination by my I'm laws bcus I'm from backward caste my husband is brahmin...I was in it field earning equal to my husband before wedding and my parents are well to do parents gave all household things and jewels to startup a new life ...for 5 years I did not have baby my husband wanted did not take to any doctor later I pressurised him for doctor consultation and there so much of mental agony I had to undergo now I have 5 month in laws influenced my husband created lot of problem between us pointing my parents did not do enough for me ...i was forced to leave the house this June now my husband did not come to see me or my baby and he is not picking up my calls not supporting me financially stating my parents are rich enough to take care of me and my baby......I wanted to inform police but don't know how to take it forward..I have faced lot of pressure, mental agony and also assault and all kind of verbal abuse..pls help me