Queries as a flat tenant in Pune

I am staying in a rented apartment and the agreement is finishing on 14th of July(11 month contract). Extension of the agreement was mutually spoken about and agreed upon on the 18th of June. All of a sudden my owner frantically calls me several times and orders me to vacate the flat on 6th night of July. Today(9th July) i received a notice to vacate the flat by 13th of July and the letter claims to be dated on the 14th of June. When i spoke to her after receiving the notice, she said she needs the flat vacant and the maximum extension she can give is a week which is too short for me to move out and find a flat. Also, I will face financial losses as i will be giving brokerage yet again. I have texts and recordings to prove the above. Please advise me what to do. Should i go to the police? Isn't 1 month the minimum time given for a tenant to move out? And also, if mutually the extension is spoken about for a year, and i have done my near future planning already based on my conversation with her, is there a procedure in which i can keep the house for 3-4 months more?