What should I do in critical family violence ??

Hi this is Subha from West bengal, I really need Legal suggestion for my situation . i am 26 years old, I have a very small IT business setup. I grown up in a nuclear family. My father is an Ex banker. in childhood i have seen the situation like beating my mother, abusive words towards my mother,my mother is a homemaker. but at that time i thought this situation would be changed by my grown up . but Day By day this situation is getting out of control. recently I used to protest and protect my mom.. when my father tried to beat my mom i stand by myself. We tried to take him to the psychiatric doctor but the attempt was failed.. recently i am getting so much stressed out of this problem. some days past my father tried to beat my mom i just hold him and pushed him ........ after that he went to local police station and filed a general diary and said to the authority that me and my mom used to torture him... but the situation is totally 360 degree different. what should I do.. How can I save my mom, if this things grown day by day.. something nasty will happen.... i am totally devastated ..... I dont know what to do..... please help me....... my email Id : [deleted]