Dear Sir AOA, A donor (father) was government servant and retired from government service in the year 1991-92. He was law-full owner of agriculture land which he gifted during his lift time in 2002 to his four sons with his free will and without any coercion through Hiba in the presence of two witness out of which one witness died during the life time of donor while other is live. The land was gifted in the year 2002 which was accepted with possession by the four sons and after due process of law was also registered within two months with the concerned authority (registrar of property) and transferred in the names of his four sons. The donor has also three daughters and one wife when he gifted the subject land to his four sons. The subject gift Hiba deed and mutation was never disputed by any of his sons, daughters or any person verbally or in writing during the life time of donor or after his death till 2020. The donor died in the year 2013 leaving behind four sons, three daughters and one widow. The widow also died in the year 2019. Now in the year 2020, as result of instigation by some relatives and other persons, out of three daughters, one daughter has filed case against four brothers with the plea that after retirement father remained on bed for twenty years and gift deed of 2002 in the names of four sons is fake and bogus hence consequent mutation of land in the names of his four brother is also illegal and void. On the other hand donor was very active person and never remained on bed for twenty years after his superannuation retirement from government service in the year 1991-92. However, before his death in the year 2013, he remained under treatment for some months in a renowned hospital in Islamabad as outdoor patient (never admitted in the hospital) record of which is available. Many local peoples, relatives including two other daughters, renowned persons and bank managers etc. from where donor drew pension during his life time are witness of these facts. Plea taken by his daughter is totally fabricated and against the facts. What is your esteemed advice under the above circumstances?