Need a Hope!

Respected All, Hello, On point explaination : I live in Pimpri, Maharashtra with my family. My grand-parents living in a village. They both only are managing all the land under vegitation from last 5-6 decades. From last 4-5 years they get oppressed by neighbor, who used to be 'Patil' in the past. Recently, by taking advantage of their aging and loneliness he grabbed the land and started cultivation on the same and threatening them to stay away. It is nearly very difficult for us to go the village by taking leaves but still we tried alot to register a complaint in police station ~5-6 times and registered 1 FIR against him. Then police decided to settle the issue by joint meeting and gave chance to present proofs or documents related to land. We presented every required detail and he had nothing to prove not even single page. He received the warning from police. But it didn't worked he still doing everything. That Patil word which I mentioned above has shown his power in front of Rights. Now no one is helping, just ignorance in this Pandemic. Despite having every legal document they are facing problems in late 60s. Need a direction to fight further.