Land acquisition under nhai act 1956

Dear sir, My agriculture land was acquired by land acquisition department Patna , Bihar under NHAI ACT 1956, for nh 30, in Patna. On 2011. My problem is 1. Area acquired by competent authority, is more, than the mention in paper and govt. Gezet notification in news paper. 2. When I measure my land, I found 1500 to 2000 square feet more area acquired by authority for national highway. 3. When I go into the detail of problem I found that, the mistake was happened by tha land acquisition Map of NHAI. in land acquisition Map of NHAI, some portion of my land mix with others land. 4. I already complained in NHAI regarding my issue, and request for, payment of remain land, with new rates. But no response from NHAI, they told me that, they forwarded my complain to land acquisition deparent Patna Bihar. Now sir my Question are- 1. If they are not replying from more than 3 and half month of my complain, then I should go to high court? 2. I am eligible for payment under new price rates. 3. According to nh act 1956, can I bargain for more compensation, with new rate of land? 4. Can judge question out for complain register, or objection after 4 years of acquisition? And this become negative point for me. Actually sir I live in Delhi and not going Bihar frequently, that is why i, notice my problem when I measure my land , after completion of highway. 5. After four years of taken compensation can I demand for more compensation form the authority.