Reg minimum parking space in a flat

Dear Sir/Madam, I need one information on minium parking space as per rule for a flat as currently I am facing a problem on this. My Builder is giving me a parking slot in my flat which is only 7.3 fts in width which is not suitable for a car parking.The parking slots were distributed by a Lottery. I and my friend got a double parking area having 14.6 fts in wide. So my share is 7.3 ft out of that. But practically it is not possible to park two cars (my car and my friend's car) within 14.6 ft space. I just want to know that what is the policy for parking space? > Is there any minimum parking space builder has to provide to a flat owner? > one of my friend told me that minimum car parking slot should be 2.5 mt (8.25ft) given by builder. Also the slots should be provided to the flat owners via "First come first basis" not via lottery. > Are these 2 points correct? I was the third person to book the flat. So if this is true, then it will be helpful for me to claim the builder to distribute the slots via "first come first basis". > Is the parking space depends on your size of your flat? > Is it mandatory for a builder to provide a parking space for both car and motorcycle or only for car? Kindly help me in getting these information which will be helpful for me.