Private Tuition In Rented Apartment

My name is Asif. I live with my family in a rented apartment in kurla (west). My mother has been giving private tutions to unprivileged and poor students of our locality past 13 years at half rates for some students and no fees for orphan students. However due to our house has gone under SRA scheme, we had to shift in new apartment on rent (ie my current apartment) past 9 months. However my mom has been teaching in our rented apartment and my mother has asked all students not to use Elevator since some members of the building are against using elevator.Hence no students uses Elevator and climb 4 floors using staircase only.Building watchmen is an eyewitness in it. Our house owner has given permission to teach students in apartment and he is supporting us.However members of the society are threatening us and pressurizing us to shut down the tution. They are using all sorts of tactics to mentally torture us. No society has been formed in the building. Is there any law that will come to my rescue and help me? Today one of the member fought with my younger sister. I fear for safety of my family. please help and advice me.