Charge of cheating

Hi, There was a land given by my maternal grandmother to his daughters - 5 of them. She had done a will saying that land belongs to her daughter and their kids. We sold the land to one Person X. while registration he has put consent witness as my maternal uncles - 2 of them. One signed during the registration process and other was out of country so he the buyer asked one of his friend to sign for him. under my uncle name buyers friend signed and photograph taken. When my uncle came back and he got to know about it(dont know how), he filed a criminal complaint with IPC 421,410 (not sure). against all of us and the buyer. totally 11 of us. we all are in no good terms with my uncle the complainant from a long time. then we spoke to him and he demanded 3.5 lakh money to withdraw the case. he was given 3.5 lakh rupees , registration document was corrected and a agreement was made stating that the problem is solved amicably and he will withdraw the case. He didnt withdraw the case and it has gone to court. We all took bail and hearings are going on. Please let us know how should we proceed to get it to closure. Also when my employer did my background verification it fails as i have a pending criminal case. please suggest if it is correct as it is not yet proved.