Can the husband sell the property he purchased with wife's name with his resources

I am a retired person with no income. Owing to abuses and mental harrassments from wife with children supporting her, I left my house and am living at the mercy of widowed sister. I own 2 flats purchased solely with my resprces in Pune. Out of affection one flat I purchased in joint names of wife and myself and other flat in wife's name. Wife nor have I got any assistance from our respective families. Currently my son and family lives in our flats. To cover my medical and living expenses I suggested to sell the flat I purchased jointly in our names as I am dependent on others mercy for living now. I also suggested my wife can have absolute right in the flat in her name though I purchased with my resources. My wife flatly refused to sell the property. I am willing to give 50% of the sales realization to life for her living support. Although I love my family, I am not willing to live with them considering the life I had after retirement. I also do not like my children to support me. How can I get my right to sell the property so that I can live my remaining years without a burden on others ?