Execution case

My father lurched revenue land in Karnataka state in 1966. From nanjappa. It is nanjappa's ancisteral property and he sold to my father and two other friends of my father. My father built a small shed in the property. After his death his son soma and najappas wife laxmi, climed it is there property and put fence around and broke the shed lock and put a new lack and holding key with them. My father and his two other friends filed for permanent injunction and got the injunction order in 1993. Afterwards filed execution of the injunction order in 1993. Mean while lami and soma filed appeal on permanent injunction and got dismissed. While execution suit is running, judge told that they will go to jail. And asked to compromise and referred to loka adalath. Where they returned the shed key and removed the fence so my father agreed to dismiss the execution case. My father died 2 years back and they again put fence and broke our shed and locked with new lock and holding keys. I went to police and they called other party to station. They claiming that lax I has two daughters and they are not married so far. They need to get share in ancestral property. Following are my questions 1 when my father purchases land in 1966, the SON was not burned. And only one daughter was born but she was minor at that time. Now can I reopen the execution case or do I need to file new execution case. Or do I need to file new permanent injunction case