Temple property of the Nair family - Partition regarding

"56 cents of temple land, temple including temple-pond, banyan tree and other sacred places" belonged to our Hindu Undivided Family. 1st Partition held in 1970. Male members got individual share and female members together with their children, as a separate branch got their shares combined (my grand mother, elder sister of my mother and her two children) and my mother (self & brothers were not born at the time of partition). 2nd partition held in 1985 among my grand mother, elder sister of my mother & her children and my mother. Temple, temple pond etc. comprising 28 cents (Half of 56 cents) set aside to my grand mother as her share. She has four children. Her one son gave his share to my mothers elder sister against nominal payment as this is temple property. The other son passed away. His wife and two children wanted to partition the said 28 cents (as this belonged to his mother). My mother, myself and my three brothers takes care of the daily Poojas, rituals and other administration/maintenance etc. of this temple up till date. We opposed the partition request. They filed suit. Munsiff court and sub-court passed decree in their favor. Is a temple property partitionable? The deity is considered minor. In my understanding the person in possession do so in a parental capacity only. In our case, nowhere in the deed it is mentioned that it is not partitionable - I belief it was because our ancestors did not anticipate such developments. If they get it partitioned, they may sell it. Eventually, the temple and other sacred things will vanish. I don't want to let that happen. Please advice what I can do legally to protect the temple. People in our village worship the goddess.