Sir, I have purchased flat in March 2017 and paid advance maintenance to builder for one year which covers period till 24th March 2018. I was late purchaser and majority 90% flat were already occupied. After exhausting advance maintenance Builder issued maintenance to old purchasers but some of them denied and lodged complainant to Registrar for handing over of Society . They denied maintenance to Builder on the plea that they have paid excess advance maintenance which can cover maintenance for 2-3 years although in agreement advance maintenance mentioned is for one year. As per directions of Dy Registrar/Registrar Society management was handed over to Flat owners and at that time my advance maintenance was not exhausted . Still 2 months maintenance was balance with builder. Now builder has also stated that my advance maintenance covers till 24th March 2018 but newly formed Society management committee insisting me to pay maintenance for the month of Feb & March 2018 as they have not received my two months maintenance from Builder. Some members whose maintenance was pending and who and not paid to builder there case is not at all discussed and they are not shown defaulter any where but in my case and some other whose advance maintenance is already paid are issued notice also under section 101 for recovery . Kindly guide me whether I am liable to pay maintenance again to Society committee when i have already paid it when there was no society and also intimate those who did not pay maintenance after period of one year to builder there appears misappropriation of money and those in the society mangement committee and actual defaulters with builders are being ignored