Mental torture

Hi sir, I'm 37yrs old,,, I have two brothers and I'm the only sister... Both brothers got married and they were stayed separate. My mother was alone, so I came with my family and I'm staying with her nearly 12years.. Before 2years we got 4laks to construct individual house, so I called them and said u can get it construct.. My second brother and his wife said we all share to gather and construct one one floor and stay together... Even my first brother and his wife also accept. Then after construction start they said we don't have money, we don't house... I took personal loan, sell all jewellery and invested behalf of him, and gave his house for lease... Now from last one week my sister in-laws is asking for house and asking me to go out from house... Everyday she will calling me amd say that I can't give money, if your not giving house I'll tell that u cheated me and put a case on. You.. you should go out.. My brother is not opening his mouth.. Property is on my mother name only.. Pls help mme what I can do? Can I file the mental harassment case against her??