Rights for property share

Hi, I and my husband is married for almost 5years , we have an year old daughter also, my husband's mom died when he was only 6years old leaving behind him( my hubby) his father ( my father in law) and his 4years of younger brother ( my brother in law) . My father in law got remarried because both of his sons were too small and he was a banker could hardly give time to his children so thinking for good he remarried . After one year if marriage they got a son who is a step brother to my hubby and my brother in law. As its said mother cannot be replaced by anyone so same thing happened step mother started torturing them both and in once during a quarrel she just told my hubby to get out of home and because at 18 years of age everyone use to be hot blooded so he walked out of home and stayed with one of his friend. Next day when he went back he was again chased away. So that night he spent with another of his friend .like this days and nights passed by and in between that we got married in presence of his just father, father, brother and other relatives , we rented a house , we got a daughter and sadly my step mother in law never turned up to visit my baby even once after she born. Now we planned to go back to our own land and home however we are not planning to stay together because she don't want we are planning to bluid house in our own but she is not allowing now everytime we approach her for permission to bluid home she refused with some excuses and last time she quarreled . Plz guide us the right way to fight for our justice , we are not telling them to vacant or anything , we just want the family to stay peacefully in the same land which is owned by my father in law and on top of that we are not asking or demanding money we will bulid house on our own but still she is not allowing us . Plz suggest what can be done