required suggestion to solve the issue of property

i am the owner of the property, which is 3 portions and my father gited all 3 brothers through gift deed with proper boundary marking. i had taken loan from private financer by giving my property documents like gift deed, khatha certificate etc and it was registered in sub register office. the interest and loan has gone very huge. then i thought of getting loan from bank to reduce the burden and to clear all private loans. my father in law came forward and we had dicussion with person given me loan where i kept my property documents.based on our request he agreed to release the property documents if i pay Rs 8 lakhs and remaining 5 lakhs after bank loan. my father inlaw paid Rs 8 lakhs and collected the original the same day they were trying to get it register the gift deed in favour of my wife(his daughter) name, for which i objected and not signed the gift deed. now they have the originals and i already opened the account and had share certificate from co-operative bank, they insisting me to produce document so that they can sanction the loan, but my father in law is adament that i should gift deed the full property to my wife name, they are not giving the papers. now i wanted to file FIR for missing documents and want to get certified copy of all documents including Khatha etc, could you please advice what are the implecation this. and also is that right way so that i get loan from bank and clear all loans and start paying to bank. also could you please tell me whether Bank give loan on attested copy (certified copy ) of documents with FIR copy, Public notice, i also told that bank may ask for idemnity bond for such attested copy of documents. could you please tell what is idemnity bond is it necessary .