Seepage of water in ceiling

Sir, i am a resident of ahmedabad city. I reside at first floor of a 3 stories building . There is a continuous seepage of water since last more than 2 years in to the ceiling of my bathroom . The ceiling and the adjacent walls remain dampened through out the day . Many a times there are severe drops of waters literally dripping on our head all over the bathroom . The problem lies on the second floor resident . Water is seeping through tiles or drainage pipes in to my ceiling and has severely damaged the concrete structure inside the ceiling and the dampened walls has caused damage to our walls and wooden furniture . it is pausing severe threat of an electrical short circuit too as there is a board for washing machine in my bathroom. I have approached him several times during last 2 years but all in vein. They are not ready to take any concrete steps . I have requested him , pleaded him , left no stone unturned to find an amicable solution but they are living on the upper floor, ignoring my problem and continue to use the bathroom . Please help me with your counsel