Huf Property Transfer to Individual name

Good evening Sir i want to know about immovableproperty distribution of huf . we have below situation and in my family my father, mother , 2 son me and my brother, and 2 married sister and all are ready to give his share in property of huf to me and my brother In 1978 my father purchase property in name of ashok devshi shah huf (in sale deed name is ashok devshi shah huf) and another property with same above huf name in 1985. so total 2 property in huf In 1978 and in 1985 that time he has not taken pan card and neither bank account in name of huf . but make payment from his personal saving account. Our actual surname is nagda and now we dont have any proof of ashok devshi shah . Before few years back we have apply for pan card as ashok devshi nagda huf and having bank account in same name. Now due to his old age he want to gift this property to me in my individual name not in huf and another property in my brother name. In above both property in city survey in property card property register in individual name as ashok devshi shah. So in above condition as per propertt card i have to write ashok devshi shah or ashok devshi shah huf .in sale or release deed. Secondly i want to know whether i have to execute sale deed to transfer above property Or releash deed in that other member release his share in property . Which will be benificial from above situation so that above property title remains clear and no problem arise when we sale above property in future.