Please provide suggestions

I am writing this email to seek some suggestions... I am also providing a detailed outline to my situation. Please provide legal clarity. I am writing this email on behalf of my mother. “ I am living with my parents from the past 10 years, my husband has died. I am financially dependent on my parents completely. In my parents house, they have one un-married daughter(38 Years old), my father(68 years) and my mother(65 years) and my child(19 years). My sister is the only person looking after the accounts, as we have invested almost all our money somewhere in the market and the house comes under the cateogary of Ancestral. My younger sister tortures me and my father mentally, she has also beaten us many times, she abuses both physically and mentally, my parents cannot go against her as they are illiterate and cannot look after the accounts, which she is doing. My child is suffering from extreme depression and is on anti-depressant pills right now undergoing a treatment. Sometimes even my father threatens me that he will throw me and my child outside his home.” Now, I. Given the ancestral property, can my father throw me out? II. Can I demand compensation for the treatment of my child because of the mental trauma all this has caused? III. Since I am living with my parents from past 10 years, do I have a claim on the overall property of my parents? Your suggestions would be really helpful. You can guide me on how can I take this legally?