Notice written in paint on my property by Revenue department

I was about to move in to my villa which was the first villa constructed (7 years ago) by a renowned builder of the 80 villas. There is a notice from Tahsildar last week written with paint on my wall stating that it is constructed on govt. land. The builder says that the kharab land which falls in the society is left open and there is no issue with this villa. However, he told that they will get it resolved and it will take 45 days, in the meantime we should not move in. As per builder they are trying to get all the clearances in legal way. My interior work was going on and we were about to move in this week. I want to understand: 1. Whether we should trust the builder or there is a foul play? 2. Can we move in?as there is no notice no. mentioned..neither have we received any notice? 3. What is the timeline in such scenarios? 4. Note - there are EC and khata for the properties..also the land has clear titles, BDA approved..checked by 3 lawyers. I also want to understand whether various departments of Government are in sync with each other or not. How can Government take Property tax for a property which they are claiming as their own. What are the rights of the property owner? Can I ask for compensation from the builder till the time I can't move in? I have purchased this property in March 2020 from the first owner. Can I get him involved as well for not giving clear title?