How do get my money back from house owner

Hello i need your advice with regards to getting my money back from the house owner , let me explain in detail, i was rented out in Dombavali East w( outskrit mumbai )as stayed about 20 days, unfortunately due to personal issue i let out his house within 20 days and moved to my native, also i had intimated to house owner about the leaving in 1 week advance, i paid the deposit Rs 40k, rent - 11k, broker demanded one month rent and documentations, i.e(11k + 1k) = Total - 12K, everything was pakka documented/deeds agreement. i said fine, i left his house within 20 days, i left the house 20th days, owner promised me to pay the remaining dues, at the time of left his house , i had paid brokerage charges (6K initially) i have told them(broker) will pay the half of the amount next month(6k) a he is also agreed with that. all of sudden house owner is not responding my calls now these days and sms stating that will not pay your remaining balance, as he mentioning via sms saying that ( 11k rent for stayed 20 days, 11k charged - not informed prior notice), 11k is broker charges which is already paid to broker, then current charges( he deducted around 35k out of 40k) i just stayed 20 days , broker is continuously calling and threatening me to pay the remaining dues, i have requested them to wait for sometimes, until get the rest of amount from house owner, then will pay your remaining dues (6), he is not agreed with that, he wanted his money 6K immediately else he would going to filing an FIR against me like that threatening me, please advice me