Property dispute among heirs.

Good day, My grandfather died in 2011 and he left a will that states his properties to be divided among his 2 daughters and the widow of his son taking the bigger share (labeled hereafter as K) only when his wife (my grandmother dies). Sometime in 2012, K initiated to have the flat property transferred under her name and the 2 daughters under the same ownership share stated in the will. A deed of sale was executed between my grandmother transferring ownership to the 2 daughters and K. Shortly after my grandmother died, K suggested to sell the flat and divide the proceeds. My mother agreed but the other daughter declined for some reasons. K then filed a harassment case (details of which I am not aware of but I can give the case number pending in Delhi High Court) against the 2 daughters. The case has been dragging since 2012 since the notice could not be served to the other daughter (my mother) who lives outside of India. My mother later convinced her sister to agree to sell the property. When this was communicated to K, she demanded that she will drop the case if the 2 daughters to agree to a lesser share in the proceeds of the property. This is now the current situation, I am willing to discuss this further with anyone here that find this case interesting.