Conflict between brother for land after parents death

Actually my father and mother are no more. i have 2 younger brothers and 1 sister . after my father death 4 years ago , my 2nd brother's wife got separated without informing anyone. after sometime both husband wife told that thy wanted partition of house and other land. i accepted their demands and then the panchayat camed and distributed as everything accordingly but day after they refuse to take that part. because i am a government employ i dont have so much time spend at home. after 1 year they again started the conflict, then slow down , then now this year when i with my family went hometown they started the conflict and builded the foundation of house without informing anyone . i filed a case and court has given a stay order ,but then also they are continuing their house work. i m very confuse what to take next step as i told i m govt. employ i cant take leave again again to solve this matter. also his wife character is not 3rd brother and sister is also with me .and the old house made is in my name land .