Need clarification for Law of desertion and adultery

Am an NRI working in abroad my wife left to India to her parents place a few months back for our sons treatment(speech therapy), now coz it may take a year or so for the treatment now my wife and her parents told me to resign my job and come back to India and stay with them getting another job there, but I told once my kid gets well I will take them back here(they have 2 yrs visa remaining). The argument went on and now my wife is very much angry on me. Now she is threatening me that she will file a case of desertion and will make me come back to India and block my passport... To be honest my marriage life is not smooth, my wife is not loving & affectionate from day 1, even tough it was harder I never wanted to desert her coz I love my son. Even now am sending them enough money more than their needs. But I don't want lose my career for a tough and fighting life ahead with her in india. Like to confess there is no dowry involved in my marriage neither i have demanded anything from her parents until now.....only some gifts like home furniture's that too they bought in their own will. Also i need to confess some things honesty, during our earlier years of marriage when i was so disappointed about my marriage life and in a frustration I started talking to my ex-girlfriend(to whom my marraige got cancelled before due to some reasons) through emails(only emails no physical relationship) which turned into a big issue when my wife got to know, she hacked my emails and got some of our conversations as proofs and some pics(with my ex) which i have taken before one year of my marriage. A meeting happened between our parents when the issue came out and I apologized to my wife and her parents and promised that i will not do it again and I like to live with my wife only(especially coz of my son 3months old), as per my promise am clean until today never thought of cheating my wife again. So this is the major reason on which my wife and their parents are angry on me till now and which makes them to think that they always want to take revenge on me. Now my wife at present conversations trying to bring these old issue(she always used to do this), she is threatening me now that she has these solid proofs against me to file a case on me. Quetions Am not sure about this law of desertion can my wife make me lose my job and bring me back to India legally? Under what reason she have the possibility to file a criminal case on me? Will these past proofs of emails(sent in the year 2012) can be used to file a criminal case on me? will our law punish a person who has already learned his mistake and trying to live as a good husband? please help