Wife dominating and not coming back

Its been 3.5 years we got married and I bought separate house and stayed far from my parents since last 1.5 years as I had some little arguments. Now I came to know my mistakes and wanted to bring my old parents back to my home for which my wife had lot of quarels with me.In general every month at least for 2 to 3 times she quarells with me..she did MTECH but speaks bad words and beat me also. I compromised to live with her even she do like that Now we have a baby of age 1.5 years and I wanted my parents back with me which is not accepted by her. She called police to home and said all lies in her favour to stop this and one day she took me to police station and told all non sense to police in her favour to threaten me Finally she left her home and not coming back from last 3 months.. She has lot of ego problem, rashness and mental illness also.Her parents also speak bad words and behaving in rash manner.she is not listening at all and now she decided to do a job and live with baby alone without coming back to me. Can I put divorce case on my wife ane stay in live in relation with a good girl who can look after my parents ? If children born with new girl then what would be the situation ?