Access being denied to an unacquired house in a HUDA sector

40 years back HUDA acquired a sector in Haryana, our land was acquired but our already constructed house was released, this house was constructed on a government road which was connected to the highway.. But after acquisition and development of sector the final road was constructed 50 meter away instead of the original proposed road which was right in front of the house. We objected because the road being built was not connecting to our house, we were verbally insured a road approach and we then built our own road approach connecting our house to the new built road. Now, some officer came and told us that the road approach land has been given to some institute without prior notice and this land was an actual government road earlier. 1. What is the provision for this and what are the legalities as this is the only access to our property? 2. Can they just disregard the old government road by which we built our house in accordance to; but now because they built a new road with different alignment can they deny us our passage, our road approach to our house.