If i apply divorce case against my wife on the grounds of cruelty

I am facing lot of mental torture from by wife and her parents..out of 3yrs of our marriage life she never lived with me continuously 15days with me ,she often leaves me to her parents home...then after 3 to4 months only she come usually....she always wanted to stay their only...she did not do any household works,her father is sub inspector of police he is also threatening me a lot to leave my old parents also wants to stay in their home,I did not take any jewels from them..all jewels they only having from my marriage, we have one daughter of 1yr old....also I am working in govt bank they are threatening me if you are not obeying us we will make you lose your job....she is arrogant in nature, she uses very abusive words on Me and my parents she already filed dowry complaint in awps..they enquired me but did not put any FIR on me....also their is no matching mindset between us....if I apply for divorce directly is it possible to them file false cases against me even though I did not do any mistakes.?.....I have lot of audio proofs from my wife and her father who always uses abusive words....how to save my job also get divorce from wife ?