Change of name in Degree certificate as per 10th standard certifi

Sir/madam my name is Harsha.S and this was the name in my in school as well as college...I was unable to complete my degree BCA in 2003 due to some personal the year 2009 I decided to do B.A through correspondence college...I had changed my name to Harshavardhan.S.B according to some astrologer so I did an affidavit and did when I approached the college I explained them that my name has been changed from Harsha. S to Harshavardhan.S.B what has to be done they told it is not problem and they given me admission using my 10th standard marks card and pre university marks card which has the Harsha.S.....I completed my degree in 2013 but the problem is in my degree certificate my name is Harshavardhan.S.B...when I attended an interview I was told that the degree certificate does not belong to me as it has different name it is not as per 10th and Puc marks card...Now what as to be done to get the degree certificate according to the name Harsha.S which is the name in my 10th and PUC marks card please advise and suggest what has to be done and how long it will take in the court thank you