Harassment and threat by in laws

I got married in 27 th october 2015. before marriage my in laws promised to allow me for higher studies but as i got married the real intention of my in laws came out. they didn't like me to engage in studies and wanted me to do all the household works. my husband sent me to my paternal house and promised to take me back as soon as he could manage a seperate living place for me by writting a declaration on a 100 rupees stamp paper. but on 23rd october 2018 he telephoned me for the last time and still that day he has switched off his phone and changed his sim card. i have tried to meet him in many ways but he refused to do so. i also complained at the local police station but the police didn't take any action against the issue. now my in laws are sending messages via their close ones that they don't want to take me back and i should divorce their son by accepting a little amount of alimony otherwise they will show me what can they do. i don't want to give such an easy divorce. advice me what can i do now