Salary Issue

Hi Sir, I'm Raj, I worked in a company called Sutherland in Chennai, I was going to work on a regular basis on there is rule in this company that we have to wear white shirt on Monday. like usual i went to office with white shirt but i was wearing a blue jeans where in the company officials where very annoyed only with me because I asked my trainer that he was wearing a party wear shirts and why didn't is manager didn't ask about it , so they had an HR meeting for this and there was an argument about it one of the managers named MR ARUN MANI was Point a finger against me and talking to me so i told him to kindly put is finger down and talk to me. which offended him he walked away from discussion and went out and said screw his happiness which is heard it and I wanted to ask him Right away since its an professional environment so i was quiet about it and they took me out of the company which was really caused me lots of problems because I'm from Bangalore I went Chennai to work i don't know any one . I'm alone, then the HR had put me on bench after waiting for a five days where in I was going to work i was not allowed to mark my attendance nor i was addressed by any one which had caused me lots of problem and stress. when company put me in bench the HR didn't provide me any instruction all the informed we is to meet a person called Vijayaragavan at the Head Office near Velacheri in Chennai so i went the next day to head office to meet Vijayaragavan one one of the HR named Jagdesh informed me that he is on leave due to Tamil new year so i went i couldn't meet him for 3 days I informed to my trainer since he is my first point of contact and then it was a weekend on 20th of April i went to office again and I met MR Vijayaragavan one who takes care of bench procedure and I went through the interview process again for a different process i got through the interview after 3 days meanwhile the HR informs me that i have been terminated since i didn't mark my attendance. Now i don't know what should I do so i went back to HR regarding this they said that they can't do any thing I'm being terminated and they took my ID and Sent me Home they didn't even let me out of the office with submitting the ID card . i received only 13 days of salary instead of 28 days I didn't receive my remain salary and I have been sending them Email and all get the reply from them is we " will get back to you" since 45 days . i kindly request you to please advice what to do regarding this I have faced lots of embarrassment, HURT from this company and company Officials . Mainly MR Arun Mani, HR Bharath and MR Rommel Michelle,