Son rights in ancestral propery

Hi sir namaskaaram. i am 33 years old. my grandfather had 47 cents residencial place and 4 acers and 3 acers crop field(total 7).he has 2 sons and 3 daughters. grandfather died in 1988.. now his sons age 55 and 51 respectively. after my grandfather died both sons take pattadar passbooks for 4 acres. 2 acres on elder son and 2 acres on younger son. but they did not partitioned whole property.. they did partition on 10 rupees stam paper and did not register that partition. and they sell 2 acres combinedly from 4 acres and submited elders sons pattadar passbook at the time sale registration. now the problem is my grandfather elder son is my father . now younger son says the remaining 2 acers land belongs to him. now he told me that ur father sold ur share and we did not sell combinedly. ur father submited pattadar passbook at sale registration, i did not submited. sir but at time of sale both sons and grandmother singed on sale documents as they are selling my grandfather property. it is done in 2007. and another issuse is for 47 centes residencial land both sons have done registrations on their names equal share in 2004. at that time i am major and my age nearly 22. they did not take my signs on documents. now i am living separatly from my father . i am asking my father about my share but they did not giving to me. then i am asking my share in my grand fathers property. my father replyed that there is no ur grandfather property here. all are on my name now(on my father name ) what can i do in this situation. please guide me sir . can i have any right in 47 cents residencial place and remaining 2 acres land . in both cases i am major at that time sale to others and registerd on residencial place on their name