US Citizen Passport Deposit ruling

I have visited india in December 2013. One of my psycho neighbor tried to run his car over my daughter. When I tried to stop, he got out and confronted. I have made a complaint to the police station and he also filed a complaint that I attacked him with my family members. I had to take a station bail and returned to US. He has bribed the police and the charge sheet was filed against me in March 2014 with section 341, 326. Recently when I have visited India, the police served the summons to me. This time he bought out the officials and put up a Criminal Misc. Petition on the 2013 case. The petition says since I have taken the summons, court should direct the passport authority to revoke my passport under section 10(3)(e)(h) of the passport act 1967 and got a ruling by judge to deposit my passport with in 2 days. Now I am back in US and going back to India next month to appear in the court for my summons. What are the rights I have as an US citizen. Can they impound my passport? Thank you!