Re: Transferring property based on Will in Kerala

Hello, My grandfather (father's father) made a will which states the following: 1. After his death, I, his grandson, should take possession of his village property (agricultural land and house in Kerala) and pay the property taxes 2. My parents can stay in the house and have rights to the yield from the land as long as they live 3. The provisions in the will comes into effect only after his lifetime and the lifetime of my parents We are Christians. My grandfather passed away 24 years ago and my dad passed away 11 years ago. My mother is alive and lives with me in Mumbai. Her health doesn't permit her to travel and she is home-bound. She is not interested in the yield from the property (there hasn't been any for past many years) and I am taking care of all her needs. The property is still in my grandfather's name and I am paying the property taxes on his behalf for the last 24 years. I have the following questions: 1. Can I have the property transferred to my name and have the mutation done? Would #3 above pose a hurdle? 2. Besides my grandfather's will and his death certificate, what other documents would I need to have the deed registered and the mutation done? I sincerely appreciate your guidance in this matter. Thank you. Joe