Gift land to sister to brother within family - Both are unmarried

Hi, Need your advice. My mother and sister(unmarried) stay in Bangalore and I have given money to them, from which my sister has bought 30x40 site. Now she wants to give the site a gift to me. Question 1 - Is this (gifting land property to brother, within the family) legally possible? As per [28. Gift-instrument of,- not being a settlement (No. 48) or will or transfer (No.52) 2[(b) Where the donee is a member of the family of the donor Explanation: Family in relation to the donor for this purpose means husband, wife, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and grand children]2]1 There is no mention of brother and sister, so my sister gifting me 30x40 site legal?. Am I looking at it wrong? Please share relevant law Question 2 - Can my sister gift the land to our mother and then mother pass it to me thru will. Is this possible and legal? Question 3 - What will be the stamp fee if sister gift the land to me or to my mother. Please help with these questions.