Hindu succession act

3 of my aunt's ( my father's sisters ) have filed a case against my father and his brothers to give them share in property. The property is Ancestral property( agriculture land). My father had the rights in his name after a court decree in 1974. Then he transferred the property rights to my mother in 2004. After that, we got the land converted to non agriculture (NA) and did development and sold as plots. Now, in 2015, my aunt's have filed a case against my father. My grandfather had passed away in 1992. Property was transferred to my father in 1974. And from my father to mother in 2004 and then eventually non agriculture conversion and plots. Do my aunt's have any rights in property? As far as I know, daughters don't have any share in ancestral property if property was partitioned before the amendment came into existence ( 2005). And if father had passed away before amendment into force. Please confirm me. And also my aunt's have got injunction against my father and said land survey number. And registrar is refusing to register plots on the grounds that there's a stay order from court. But there are 2 points. 1) court order is against surgery number of land and not plots 2) court order is against my father and not my mother. Can sub registar still refuse ? How should we deal with him ? And also my aunt's are threatening that they will pull all individuals into case to whom we have sold our plots. Is it possible? Please answer.