Ancestor property issue

My paternal uncle having a property at native, which he transferred to his son and 2 daughters who all are now residing in USA( they are there for more than 30-40 yrs) . My uncle expired on 2001 ( who have the property) and as that time ,my another uncle who don't have any house started living there, ( my 2nd uncle start living before my elder uncle expired and we never ask him to vacate it). Now my 2nd uncle also expired in 2006 and my aunty and there daughter was there. My aunty expired in 2016 , before that their daughter also get married nearby ,who was taking care of her ailing mother. Now , as on today, my cousin sister, wish to sell that property and want the money. But , my cousin brother & sister( who lived in USA) wish to give it to us, It is becoming a family dispute . We( me & my brother) are well settled and living much away from native. and though not much interested to having the property, against the sell of it. My 2nd cousin sister, think otherwise( not that much well settled) , that it is her property.and somehow she is showing some papers ( diary pages) where my elder uncle wish to give the property to her father. my questions are- a)who is legal heir-papers are in the name of kids who staying in USA. and my cousin staying there for 20 yrs. Is there any law which says staying so many yes giver her any legal entitlement.Some papers( diary written) is there too in her support dated after the legal formalities were done . is that give her any power? b) who can help me /us to make the transfer happen. we at some other cities (bangalore/surat). whereas our native is at bankura/west bengal and cousin brother /sisters are in USA. c)we are against the property sell( we and the legal heir who staying in usa) but we are not against to give the property to cousin sister, Is it possible to make anything legal which does not allow her to sell it in future, if we mutually transferred it to her. d) Due to our professional obligation, it is not possible for us to go to native for longer time or repetitively, not possible for my cousin brother and sister too who staying in USA. How much help is possible to get from online. (The property is showing in "west bengal land reform portal /registration portal" and some online system is also showing but as I don't have much legal understanding, cant decode the same).