He was my good friend from first like big brother but when it comes to money he becomes mad. He opened a lucky draw scheme where we had to pay 2500 every month and if required we can take the principle amount of 50000 after deducting the interest. So I was been told if the principle amount is taken then I had to pay amount with interest. Till now I have paid 44000 as in between there was a gap of 8 months as he was not there and I had no job my bike was taken I was given bike on condition to make extra payment of 36000 on which I agreed now I m not paid enough n fed of this torture please tell me what can I do. He is having lot of lawyer contacts I m not earning enough to file a case n fight for it. Pls suggest me something so that I can stay away with this kind of tortures. Now I left all my friends I just go office an back home. I also have my uncle who is judge in Gujarat high court but m looking for online help as i dont wish to address this to my uncle. I am from a lower middle class family only need expert advice