Tenant not paying rent for last 4 months and also not vacating residential premises

Given flat on rent in Feb'20 after entering into valid leave & license agreement duly registered Sub-Registrar. Police NOC also obtained before giving flat on rent. Tenant paid rent for Feb'20 & March'20. Thereafter stopped paying rent. Tenant's husband informed via message that they will vacate the property within 02 months and asked us to recover rent of two months from security deposit. However, even after two months neither they are paying rent nor vacating the property citing reason that they don't have money to pay for security deposit of new flat and asking us to refund the security deposit in full. They had also not paid electricity bill for last 05 months.We tried to settle the case on humanitarian grounds saying that we will forego rent and refund the security deposit and also told that electricity bill will be taken care of by us (landlord) only. Even after that they are giving unreasonable excuses and not vacating the property. What action can I take considering covid pandemic. Please advise.