Property claim

Hi , I am looking out for some advice on my property dispute. My father did a second marriage after my mom passed away in 2012. 3 years later , I lost my father too. Soon after I lost my father , my dads second wife hid all of the property papers and took away 20 karat of gold,my dads share and his bank passbooks. I filed a police complaint after this to resolve the issue and after few months mutually our family decided that she and I will stay apart and the nobody will claim the property for few years. Few days back I received a call from my dads second wife for property claim. Her conditions are as follows: 1. She wants my dads ancestral house (which is on his name since he was the youngest brother in his family) plus the land on my dads name to be sold and whatever market value is received she wants all of that money. 2. The house that I am currently staying in Bombay she stated that she wants no part of it. Even though 3 years ago she sent an NOC in Bombay to my society saying that no deals can be done on this property without her consent. The problem lies here is she has already taken almost all of my dads and moms jewellery, 2-3 bank accounts that my dad had, his share that he invested. She also took all the utilities from this current house back to Kerala claiming that it’s all hers. Can someone please advise how this complicated situation to he simplified?