Illegal Possession of Land by GOvernment

Hi Sir, I have a query that I inherited a Agricultural Land from my grandfather, A national Highway got passed through in between of land, so a part of land got into the road, When I inherited the property I was a minor, Now when I am now 33, I realised that the total sum of land available to me on spot is less as described in the Khatauni(land records), when I searched further then found that the road land is on my name, means My grandfather had no compensation of the land, as other people had, as verified by the land records of other people whose land got into the road, they had done registry on PWD name and took the compensation. All the revenue record are in my name and I am paying the revenue for my part of land in the state high way. when I searched further then I found that the people whose land was taken in possession had done registery to PWD in year 1989. I want to ask that does my case qualifies for Adverse possession, should I go to court to claim my land from PWD, or for a Compensation. Kindly Advice. Thanks in Advance.