House owner not giving my security deposit.

I was living in the 1bhk flat in Pune. Leave and license agreement was from 1/9/2018 to 1/8/2019. After that we didn't renews/extended it. On that deposit mentioned was Rs. 20000/-. I was living there from 1/9/2018 to 21/3/2020. On 21st March 2020 I went to my hometown because of the covid-19 and lockdown. But didn't vacant the flat. Lockdown get increased till April 2020. So i was decided to leave that flat. Reason was my wife was pregnant and I have to live alone in Pune for job and giving Rs. 9000 for single person was waste of money. So i called my owner and on phone call i told him that i am leaving the flat so how to adjust our rent and deposit. He told me that, "ok. give me march and April full rent along with the light bill and you can vacant the room once lockdown get releases." I agreed and paid rent till the April 2020 on the google pay. after that i called him to ask bring my things that time he said that location is sealed now because of covid patient. I will call you and you come to collect your things. Then in June lockdown releases and i decided to go there to get my things from flat. He asked me to pay complete rent till the June 2020. and he refused to give me my deposit back. I just asked him to pay my deposit back. He said no, do what you want to do. I vacant the flat. now what can i do?