Adding my name to 7/12

Hello, My father's name is in 7/12 of about 2-3 agriculture lands and 1 residence which my grandfather owned. Along with my father, his 3 brothers also have their names on 7/12 of these lands and home. Now, these lands and home is being tilled and used by my uncle. I would like to know - 1. Can I add my name to 7/12 and remove my father's name if my father and my sibling gives consent while my father is alive. 2. My uncle and his family have been staying in the house which was built/owned by my grandfather even after my grandparents death for almost 10-15 years(my father's name is also there in the 7/12 of the land on which this house is built). Can I ask for some returns for the number of years my uncle staying there from my uncle? 3. If my name can not be added in 7/12 right now while my father is alive, can my uncles create problem in adding my name after my father's death? 4. Is there any way, to ask for monetary compensation instead of adding my name to 7/12 on the basis of valuation of the properties when it comes to that? Or does it always depend on negotiations? 5. Currently my uncle does not seem to be bothered about negotiating on division of property, although my father and uncles are getting old. Is there any way to compel my uncle to start talking about property division?